Wednesday, 20 December 2006

MacBook - Dead Pixel ...Day1

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My MacBook arrived last night amid much excitement, only for me to have my glee quashed by a 'dead' pixel on the screen.

I called apple customer support with trepidation, thinking that I would just have to send it back and wait for a new one to come. But I spoke to someone very understanding who has arranged for a replacement to be sent out to an address of my choice. The best bit is that I get to keep the original MacBook for upto 5 days after the replacement comes (so that I can transfer my data), after which time a courier will come and pick up the defective one from another location of my choice.

This all sounds great in theory, but I'll reserve judgement until I've seen how smoothly it all goes - I'm not going to be in one place for very long over the Christmas period!

See this post for how it got resolved.

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nateb said...

did they give you any problems. I have a similar issue with my macbook. a dead pixel

Rich said...

They took a while to send a replacement, but I'm putting this down to it being over the Christmas period.

Also see this post

Patrick Reagan said...

Rich -

My 13" MacBook arrived yesterday. When I finally had a chance to turn it on - bam! - a dead pixel staring me right in the eye. After finding your blog post, I was hopeful that my experience with Apple support would be the same as yours. Not true.

I was informed that a single dead pixel was not enough to be considered DOA, and that since I had a custom config (I bumped the RAM to 2G) I wouldn't even be able to return it w/ the restocking fee.

I'm going to take it into the Apple Store in the next week to see if I have any luck, but the moral of my story is to not get the custom configuration - then you're out of options if they won't take it back.

Rich said...

I'm sorry to hear that patrick! I hope they're more helpful at the store. :) Where are you in the world? I'm in the UK - maybe the policy is different in various parts of the world.

patrick reagan said...

I'm in the US - maybe I would have better luck if I call the UK support line ;)

I'll let you know how it goes.