Thursday, 8 March 2007

NAS drive for Mac and PC

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Not so long ago, I went on the lookout for a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive that I could use with my Mac and my PC.

This proved a little bit more awkward than I expected because many NAS drives only supported Macs by allowing you to format the disk in FAT32. This is all very well until you want to put files larger than 4GB on there, such as disk images.

I eventually settled on the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini. This product uses the XFS file system, which has a maximum file size of 8 exabytes (should be enough!). It supports connections from Windows, Apple, HTTP and FTP. It lets you define shares and users, and even allows you to connect another USB disk for backups or extra storage.

Works a treat with both my PC and my Mac. Definitely recommended.

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1 comment:

Bill R said...

I got a Firewire hard disk (also LaCie) for backing up my Mac and formatted it with HFS. Sounds like your approach would have been a better bet, because of the combination of Windows+Mac together but not FAT32.

The only advantage of my approach is that I can boot from the disk if the Mac ever gets seriously trashed, which would save a little bit of time in getting up and running again.