Sunday, 4 March 2007

Fast Ruby debugging

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Last September I described how to use Radrails for debugging rails apps. I mentioned in that post that it was slow and unresponsive, but bearable.

Today I discovered another way of debugging Ruby On Rails apps, but this time in a much speedier fashion.

Ruby-debug allows you to quickly debug your ruby on rails code. The debugger itself is not integrated into an IDE, but the command line interface is intuitive and adequate.

There is an excellent tutorial on the DataNoise website for how to use ruby-debug. Using this, I was able to get debugging literally within a few minutes.

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1 comment:

Dima said...

Ruby-debug library can now be used with a new "Aptana Ruby On Rails" (former RadRails) Eclipse plugin version 0.8. This significantly increases performance debugging RoR applications. Plugin installation and configuration described here.
Note: Debugger can work without ruby-debug library, but very slow. "Use ruby-debug library" chekbox boosts it a lot...
And i want to say thank you, Rich. because i found the way debugging Ruby on Rails with your blog.